Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BrandedLogoDesign Reviews – 3 Most Common Lines By An Unsatisfied Client And Ways To Tackle Them, Part I

BrandedLogoDesign Reviews 
Nothing  is perfect in this world. It is completely natural if the designs you receive from your hired design firm are not up to your mark. Sometimes, things do not go great in the first go. Like other design firms, there were a few cases where the client was not fully satisfied with our initial designs, but after some revisions, we lived up to their expectations. All we needed, at that time, was getting down the brass tacks and do a little more one-on-one communication with the clients so that we can find out the root of the problem.
Here, we have mentioned some of the most common responses from unsatisfied clients and the ways to handle them:

1) The samples I received were terrible! I don’t like any of them…
When this is the case, you can not put all the blame on the designers—as sometimes— client himself/herself doesn’t know or is not able to describe precisely what sort of logo he wants. There are some ideas that are meant to stay in the brain only, because when they are printed on paper; they do not look fine to the eyes. The best a designer can do is to ask more and more question to the clients regarding their tastes and preferences in logos.
It is normal to get upset if you (as a client) do not get what you were expecting, but you should also keep this in mind that since you have placed the order for a custom-made product, bad surprises are likely to occur. So it is better that, in such circumstances, you should review the initial bad designs and search, pick and combine what elements you like and want to see in your logo like fonts, colors layout, etc.
If you utterly dislike the designs, you could tell the designers exactly what you hate about them that will help them stave off similar mistakes in the next round of samples.

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