Monday, January 5, 2015

Brandedlogodesigns reviews the Microsoft logo change they did after 25 years

Microsoft logo changed their logo did after 25 years.

Microsoft’s famous logo is quite unique and simple and maybe that’s why they didn't change the logo that often. Their last logo was the italic typography in Black. This time around the italic is gone and the logo is now complete with a logo too, the four colored windows. They coupled this change with the launch of windows 8 and the Windows phone 8 operating system.    

Microsoft has quite recently revealed another look and feel to its corporate logo. Taking after 25 years from its previous emphasis, this is the first major Microsoft logo change in the organization's history. The new logo incorporates a colorful image that is normally found on the organization's — the first run through the expression mark has been joined by a picture. Identifying with The Seattle Times, Microsoft's Jeff Hansen uncovers that the new logo is intended to "flag the legacy additionally flag the future — a novelty and freshness."

The new logo will require some serious energy to channel over the organization's items, Hansen says "there may be different cases where you will see the old logo being utilized for quite a while." Overall the new image is "imperative in an universe of advanced movement" says Hansen, one that the organization is very excited about.