Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BrandedLogoDesign Reviews – 3 Most Common Lines By An Unsatisfied Client And Ways To Tackle Them, Part I

BrandedLogoDesign Reviews 
Nothing  is perfect in this world. It is completely natural if the designs you receive from your hired design firm are not up to your mark. Sometimes, things do not go great in the first go. Like other design firms, there were a few cases where the client was not fully satisfied with our initial designs, but after some revisions, we lived up to their expectations. All we needed, at that time, was getting down the brass tacks and do a little more one-on-one communication with the clients so that we can find out the root of the problem.
Here, we have mentioned some of the most common responses from unsatisfied clients and the ways to handle them:

1) The samples I received were terrible! I don’t like any of them…
When this is the case, you can not put all the blame on the designers—as sometimes— client himself/herself doesn’t know or is not able to describe precisely what sort of logo he wants. There are some ideas that are meant to stay in the brain only, because when they are printed on paper; they do not look fine to the eyes. The best a designer can do is to ask more and more question to the clients regarding their tastes and preferences in logos.
It is normal to get upset if you (as a client) do not get what you were expecting, but you should also keep this in mind that since you have placed the order for a custom-made product, bad surprises are likely to occur. So it is better that, in such circumstances, you should review the initial bad designs and search, pick and combine what elements you like and want to see in your logo like fonts, colors layout, etc.
If you utterly dislike the designs, you could tell the designers exactly what you hate about them that will help them stave off similar mistakes in the next round of samples.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BrandedLogoDesigns | The Pantone Color Will Make You Quit Smoking.

In animal kingdom, colors matter. Beasts use colors to hide out from predators or attract their mates. Same is the case with humans, after all, we are social animals of this planet. Specific colors have certain effects on our psychology. On one side, where color helps make things attractive, they can also turn the things repulsive. Now the UK government is weaponizing this power of color in the battle against Big Tobacco.
The government has planned to do this with their new law, preventing the use of appealing colors in cigarette packaging. Color has been one of the few weapons in Big Tobacco’s arsenal ensuing the imposition of branding & packaging restrictions by governments across the globe. As this research states, “brightly colored and attractive branded packs can reduce perceptions of the harmfulness of cigarettes”. Maybe that is the reason why the UK Lambert & Butler Lights turned Lambert & Butler Gold, whereas Superkings Lights have become the Superkings Blue.
To retaliate, the UK government decides to follow in Australia’s strategy by announcing Pantone 448 C to be the only color companies can use on cigarette packs.
Pantone 448C was usually described as death’, ‘tar’ or ‘dirty’, whereas the other colors considered, that were lime green, white, dark grey, beige and mustard, were unable to compete Pantone 448C in terms of ‘minimizing the appeal’ and ‘‘maximizeing perceived harm’’.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Taglines: An Effective Tool For Brand’s Uniqueness

Just Do It, A Diamond is Forever, Where's the Beef?, Save Money. Live Better, I’m loving it, Finger lickin’ good, Connecting people, See what we mean, There are some things money can’t buy, Intel Inside; all these are some of the taglines that are so remarkable that they do more than just launching their associated products at the top of the market. Each of them also stick within the people’s shared vocabulary long after those brands have achieved success.

Unfortunately, people overlook the wonders of a good tagline can do for a business and over-emphasize the uniqueness of their brand, without realizing that once their product is out in the market, then it will no longer be unique, if it does not  have the support of a unique tagline.
We have discussed some of the benefits caused by a perfect tagline to a business. A good tagline:
  1. Highlights the key benefits. It works as a sales person enlightening the customers about he product’s benefits.
  2. Set the brand apart. Another factor that accentuates the  importance of a tagline is the fact that it makes brand unique and separated from its competitors.
  3. Makes brand more memorable. It is one of the most useful tools that helps clients recall the name of  the brand, when they have a great number of similar brands. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Brandedlogodesigns reviews the Microsoft logo change they did after 25 years

Microsoft logo changed their logo did after 25 years.

Microsoft’s famous logo is quite unique and simple and maybe that’s why they didn't change the logo that often. Their last logo was the italic typography in Black. This time around the italic is gone and the logo is now complete with a logo too, the four colored windows. They coupled this change with the launch of windows 8 and the Windows phone 8 operating system.    

Microsoft has quite recently revealed another look and feel to its corporate logo. Taking after 25 years from its previous emphasis, this is the first major Microsoft logo change in the organization's history. The new logo incorporates a colorful image that is normally found on the organization's — the first run through the expression mark has been joined by a picture. Identifying with The Seattle Times, Microsoft's Jeff Hansen uncovers that the new logo is intended to "flag the legacy additionally flag the future — a novelty and freshness."

The new logo will require some serious energy to channel over the organization's items, Hansen says "there may be different cases where you will see the old logo being utilized for quite a while." Overall the new image is "imperative in an universe of advanced movement" says Hansen, one that the organization is very excited about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brandedlogodesigns report: The emphasis on unique logo designs by brandedlogodesign.com

Brandedlogodesigns report: The emphasis on unique logo designs by brandedlogodesign.com

A logo is an integral part of any organization. Logo design is one of the most important aspects of a brand strategy. The logo should represent the brand and engraft the core values of the company. A consumer should immediately recognize your brand by looking at your logo and is able to differentiate between your competitions.

A logo is the face of your company, an identification of your presence. This is what separates you from the crowd. Without proper branding it would be impossible for the consumers to choose you over others. Because your product is not generic, so your logo should be a template either. The experienced team at BrandedLogoDesigns understands the importance of appropriate branding. They create a unique identification for your brand.

A professional quality logo design increases customer trust and loyalty as your business grows. BrandedLogoDesign.com report says that they have had over 2000 satisfied customers in the past and the number is always growing due to the positive BrandedlogoDesigns.com reviews that the customers have written about them.

Brandedlogodesign offers website design, SEO, explainer videos and complete branding solution that are built from scratch after a thorough visualization of your company and in depth conversation with the clients. Some of the logos that they have made in the past are available in their portfolio. They also have a reviews page where you can see the comments of some of the gratified clients. A logo may appear small and diminutive in size but it’s as important as the product or service the company is offering.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brandedlogodesigns: BrandedlogodesignsThe Source For Getting Unique Identities

Are you planning to have an identity, which is unique, outstanding and appealing at the same time??? Wow! This is an outstanding decision made by you. But wait!Do you know any designing company, which offers the most appropriate logo designing company fulfilling all your requirements and needs efficiently?

In this modernized era, technology has been advanced and Brandedlogodesigns.com has been the resource, which has a professional team with them. A Brandedlogodesigns team of experts has shown how they deal with the modernized technology and for the past few years by providing 100% satisfaction to their client’s and also by fulfilling consumers need by providing quality work in the end to the brandedlogodesigns clients.

When it's about overhauling an old product or preliminary a new business, every corporate requires a unique identity.Manipulative logo is the most decisive characteristic of business presentation. As the company's most domineering feature a logo design anchors a company's brand and befits the only most discernible attendance of the company within the parameters of their target market. For this reason, a good logo is an imperative part of any company's overall marketing strategy.
For the past few years BrandedLogoDesigns is serving its valuable clients quite efficiently, either in online branding and website advancement Brandedlogodesigns have succeeded in providing the clients with quality work. Now you have an advanced era, in which the tasks take weeks to be completed,now can be done before the deadline and often within a few hours.Brandedlogodesigns is adopting the changing trends quite efficiently and aligning all the services according to the advanced era.The turnaround time of Brandedlogodesigns.com logo service is 48- 72 hours, in which we provide 5 original concepts to our clients, and from them they can choose the best one. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


For BrandedLogoDesigns.com, nothing has been more important than its clients concerns and needs. It is a fact that more than 82% of the total revenue of BrandedLogoDesigns.com comes from its existing customers, and the network is growing unremittingly with word of mouth and our discernible presence on several business reviews. The only reason that BrandedLogoDesigns.com integrated the services of social networking and web video marketing is because we realized that many of our customers have struggled in retaining their corporate position due to the intensified competition and abundant platforms for product marketing. Our annual client need surveys and reviews lead us to the fact that companies that do not have presence on social media networks or have not utilized the tool of explainer videos have troubled in optimizing their services and enlarging their brand recognition. This market gap encouraged BrandedLogoDesigns.com to expand its services in order to better meet our clients branding requirements.

Video creation and its marketing are intricate processes and therefore are more expensive and rare than the procedures of logo designing and SEO services. A larger investment is involved in video branding and therefore extra cautiousness is required before emptying your pockets. It is apparent that whenever large amounts are involved, there is always a risk of scam, theft and fraud. Over the years, BrandedLogoDesigns.com has issued fraud reports against a number of private companies that were fraud and offer nothing but unfulfilled promises to the customers. The web security policies have been improved, but still one cannot spot all the frauds present on the magnificent web network. Consequently, BrandedLogoDesigns.com has always tried to warn our customers regarding the fraud companies subsisting today, which will give you lavishing promises but will fulfill none of them and all your money will go in vain. Whenever you choose an online service provider, do ask for a sample of their work before you hand over the money to them.

To ensure our global clients that BrandedLogoDesigns.com is a secure place to do your business with, we offer customer service from the point you have asked for a quote. There are a number of samples that will be provided on your request related to your requirement, so that you can review our work before placing your order.  Once, you have bestowed your trust in us, we guarantee you to give nothing less than our 100% service quality and dedication. For customers who want to acquire our social media services, we offer there packages of Social Basic Package, Social Plus Package and Social Classic Package. Whichever package you choose, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for all your social media activities and performance. Managing business accounts on multiple platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few, can be quite troublesome and time consuming. For this reason, BrandedLogoDesigns.com offers you with complete relaxation after you have kept your business’s social presence in our hands. Daily updates, blogging, videos sharing, comment posting, off-page link building are just few of the many services that you will attain by ordering for our social media marketing services.