Monday, February 16, 2015

Taglines: An Effective Tool For Brand’s Uniqueness

Just Do It, A Diamond is Forever, Where's the Beef?, Save Money. Live Better, I’m loving it, Finger lickin’ good, Connecting people, See what we mean, There are some things money can’t buy, Intel Inside; all these are some of the taglines that are so remarkable that they do more than just launching their associated products at the top of the market. Each of them also stick within the people’s shared vocabulary long after those brands have achieved success.

Unfortunately, people overlook the wonders of a good tagline can do for a business and over-emphasize the uniqueness of their brand, without realizing that once their product is out in the market, then it will no longer be unique, if it does not  have the support of a unique tagline.
We have discussed some of the benefits caused by a perfect tagline to a business. A good tagline:
  1. Highlights the key benefits. It works as a sales person enlightening the customers about he product’s benefits.
  2. Set the brand apart. Another factor that accentuates the  importance of a tagline is the fact that it makes brand unique and separated from its competitors.
  3. Makes brand more memorable. It is one of the most useful tools that helps clients recall the name of  the brand, when they have a great number of similar brands.